Open Source Roadmap 2021#


class Roadmap2021 {
function main(): unit = println("Work Harder")

Pretty Print with Comments#

samlang AST should keep track of comments and pretty print them, so that the pretty printing step does not cause the user to lose any information.

At the base line level, all the documents comment for samlang classes and functions should be kept and be shown in the hover LSP command.

Supporing More LSP Features#

samlang LSP should support some refactoring capabilities, including renaming variables and functions. Autocompletion should be extended to support more cases, like variable completion.


Some basic form of interprocedural analysis should be explored and implemented to help other optimizations to become more powerful.


Wide-screen Support# should still look good on big monitors.

Web Terminal#

The web terminal should have an account system, so that the user can read and write files on their own.


  • Keep mini-react up-to-date with current React (fiber reconciler).
  • Improve critter compiler to make it more useful.