CS Resources#

Learning CS#

This list contains some websites that I helped create and maintain. They may contain some useful information for CS starters.

  • dev.cornelldti.org: The developer website I built for my project team at Cornell. It contains a lot of basic tutorial to my team members. It also contains links to slides of our internal learning workshops (called DevSesh internally).
  • Trends in Web Development: The web development course that my project team runs at Cornell. It covers how you do webdev in React and NodeJS.

Management of CS related organizations#

This list contains some blog post with my experiences of managing CS related orgs. Some are successful, some are not.

  • Computerization in High Schools: My thoughts on the sad realities of CS in high schools settings. Covers some of my thoughts on club management decisions.
  • One Year as Developer Lead: Covers a much more successful experience of myself as developer lead at Cornell DTI. Do not take everything in the post as absolute guideline. Remember that your organization might have a very different application pool than a college-level CS project team.

Software engineering blog posts#

This list contains my blog posts on engineering topics. These blog posts are written with the assumption that the audidence has a solid CS fundamentals and some software engineering experiences. Some blog posts even cover topics like programming language theory that are unfamiliar to most people. Don't feel bad if you can't understand every part of it.

Actively maintained projects#

Check the project section of my main website for an actively maintained list.

Blogs I follow#


Some random stuff that might be fun, but useless to most people.